Comic Life 3 for iOS is HERE!

New in Comic Life 3 by plasq


Script Editor!

Got a story idea that you want to make into a comic book?

Write it out in the script editor (iPad only) so you’re ready to take or find the photos you need to make the story come alive on the page.And taking your words to the comic page is easy with the SmartScript recognition system.

Eye-popping Stamps!

Comic Life now has fantastic looking stamps so you can now more easily and quickly add that POW!, ZAP! or KA-POW to your comic to give it that big comic book feel!

Advanced Filters!

New parametric filters make your photos even more amazing than before, including awesome new options like Rotoscope, Retro, and Sketch.

Instant Alpha!

Use the instant alpha tool to quickly knock out the background of your photos so you can place your characters in new locations or on dynamic comic book style backgrounds.

New Graphic Options

Brush strokes give your elements a hand drawn look. Use 3D lettering for stand out titles. New fill options for halftones, speedlines, textures and more to liven up your panels and lettering.


New Editing Controls

Parametric balloon shapes for more variety. Bendable connecting tails for extension balloons for more customisation.

Alignment and spacing guides to more quickly create a comic and get it looking just right!

And much, much more! 

BreakAppz makes resources designed for teachers by teachers.


We recently learned about the fantastic educational resources created by Dale Sidebottom over at BreakAppz. The wonderful news is that is was all created with the help of Comic Life! Dale has been sharing his amazing resources on Twitter, Facebook and the BreakAppz website. BreakAppz often gives away eBooks so keep an eye out on Facebook … and especially at the end of this blog :)


From the eBook: Breathing Activities and Exercises for Children, which contains fourteen breathing activities designed to help relax students or are in need of refocusing before starting their next learning activity.

We reached out to Dale Sidebottom, to ask him about his use of Comic Life:

I use Comic Life to create all my resources for one simple reason, it’s the best. Comic Life on my computer or iPad is the most amazing app I own. I can create resources in under 5 minutes which means I can be extremely productive.

Why did you decide to use Comic Life as your program of choice to create your educational resources, including your eBooks?

I used to use a program called Pages on my Mac computer. This is still a fantastic program, but it takes me a lot longer to create resources. And the resources do not look near as good as the ones I have created using Comic Life.


From the eBook: Icebreakers and Team Building Activities. Amazing resource designed using Comic Life. This eBook contains 64 icebreaker and team building activities that are must have activities for all teachers.

Your resources certainly look fantastic! Will you continue to use Comic Life in the future?

Definitely. I use Comic Life for everything now. Class signs, logos, ebook covers, flyers posters, the list goes on. I love Comic Life.

I use it for a lot of different things. Mainly for resources such as the following. There is over 200 free Comic Life PDF’s to download at this link for teacher’s -

I also use Comic Life to create all of my new eBooks, here is a list of them –

You have certainly put Comic Life to great use! Amazing results. The eBooks are brilliant and have so many ideas for teachers!

One of my best new eBooks that I have created with Comic Life – is called “Top Five Education Breaks”. It displays the amazing work that can be created with Comic Life.

Thank you for taking the time to for this mini-interview! Dale has been kind enough to give away a free copy of “Top Five Education Breaks” to the readers of this blog! Click here to download your own copy (27MB).


This book contains over one hundred top quality resources, that have been designed to help teachers plan lessons for students of all ages. Download here. (27MB)


“Watch your mouth” campaign comic!

This is a fantastic poster made by Tony Crosse using Comic Life 3! It is a “UCC (University College Cork) committee led Poster Campaign highlighting social prejudice.”

Tony Crosse continues, “I enjoyed using Comic Life 3 It’s definitely an app to keep handy for sequential presentations and quick comic strip layout. The fact I can drop in speech bubbles and edit all the content is way cool indeed!!”


Thanks Tony! What a wonderful message and use of Comic Life! Thanks for sharing!

Comic Life Athletics Resource Cards by Event

Megan Bowe posted the following amazing Comic Life Athletics Resource Cards over at – and we just had to share them with you all!

Please visit for downloadable copies of the Athletics Resource Cards that cover the following sports; Discus, High-Jump, Hurdles, Javelin, Long-Jump, Shot-Putt, and Sprinting.

ShotPutt-211x300  HighJump-211x300

ShotPutt-211x300  HighJump-211x300

Megan says these “Comic Life Athletics Resource Cards … can be used to either encourage independent learning (students work through the card in groups or independently) or to aid your delivery during a PE lesson.

They might also be useful for GCSE/BTEC/A-Level lessons if you wanted to analyse a sport or link to different theory aspects.

I hope you find them helpful.”

We hope you find them useful also! Thanks for sharing, Megan!

World Cup 2014: Brazil!

Here at plasq we are all pretty excited about the FIFA World Cup. It’s crazy. The talk about code and user requests and site updates is paralleled with conversations about the games, what happened with that foul in the opening match, how many goals have already been scored this year. And, of course, we have some good old fashioned rivalries between our little international team. In the end it’s all good fun. So here’s our hat tip to the host country, created in Comic Touch.

World Cup Brazil 2014


Farsley Fairfield KS1 students are participating in a really creative project that follows an author during this year’s  FIFA World Cup! Students are creating stories that follow along with chapters posted by Tom Palmer, author of Foul Play: Brazil. Take a look at the project description and see how these students are engaging with international events, critical reading and following their passion!


foul play banner 2 full 300x66 Foul play:Brazil.

Click to view Foul Play: Brazil by Tom Palmer

We have read the first chapter of Tom Palmer’s exciting story, ‘Foul play:Brazil.’ we are already gripped and can’t wait to read the next chapter! While the World Cup is on, Tom will write and post a new chapter every day.

We will be following the story closely and we are very lucky because Tom Palmer is actually going to come and visit us for a special reading breakfast on June 30th! We are also going to visit Farsley Library on July 16th for a session based on Tom’s books and to take part in a writing session together.

Here are some of the front covers we designed using the iPad app, Pic Collage, and some back covers with blurb, created using Pic Collage or Comic Life.


The Comic Olympics: Sochi 2014

I’m going to go ahead and admit that this post is a little late, but I wanted to make sure that these amazing students get their time in the spotlight.

Fourth Year students create comics featuring their favorite Canadian Olympic Athletes in this year’s Winter Olympics held in Sochi, Russia. And the results are record breaking! Their task was to research their favorite athlete and then present their findings in a comic form using Comic Life. The comics had to be “interesting and appealing for younger audiences”.

Ibrahim Page_2 Ibrahim Page_1 Fareed Page_2 Fareed Page_1 Bilal Page_1 Bilal Page_2 AbkPage_1 AbkPage_2 Albin Page_1 Albin Page_2


Athletics Resources

I am always surprised with how many Physical Education comics we see week in and week out. Though I guess I shouldn’t be because those are they are the most active teachers… get it? Most active. Heh.

Aaaaanyway… Take a look at these great photo comics used for education. These were created by teachers around the globe!

There is a bag of resources here for Athletics and Rounders comics.

From PE Scholar – there are several more, high resolution PE images available on their site.

From @MrKnightPE

From Jay Wheeler 

From The Curly Librarian 

From Kate Cooper

kateCooper PE comic


From Ossie Sarkodee


From @Unity_PE (created in Comic Touch)

Scripting Comics in the Classroom

We’ve been having deep thoughts about script writing and education in our offices lately, and I wanted to reach out to our community with them.

Comic Life 3 received a major overhaul on several fronts, including the work flow process, which is what I want to discuss today. Here at plasq we do not pretend to be educators, Team Superfly.comiclife SCRIPT EDITORbut we have spent years listening and adapting our apps based on the suggestions and needs of the educators with which we have spoken. One of the requirements we have repeatedly encountered is the need for students to show their process. With Comic Life 3 we tried to build an app that would unobtrusively help display the student’s process by breaking the comic down into distinct segments: script, images and layout.

In Comic Life 3 we built in a Script Editor, a space for students to write and plan their stories before moving on to the layout stage of their comic. We designed the script to be static, which means that once the student has moved into the layout stage of comic creation the script will not dynamically change with edits made in speech balloons on the comic page. We wanted for teachers and students to be able to see how the script may have been revised along the way.

Here’s how we envision the steps:

The script is the first draft of the comic, the framework of the story that the students are building. The images are the next step in the process, where the student fleshes out the storyline with their visual direction. The final revision occurs during the layout process, when the text in the balloons and captions undergoes an editing process to work with the images and page layout.

The line between what an app can possibly be made to do and what would be the most useful for the users is an interesting line to walk. We have our reasons for how Comic Life 3 is structured, but we always appreciate feedback. Get in touch with us through our “What should we write about next?” box below, or email us directly at